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   Pealing the Bark of Post-Modern Suburban Culture


Since its inception, ThisDogsLife.com has doggedly documented contemporary suburban life, as seen through the eyes of some small vertebrates, although the cast of characters includes several slugs and even a boneless turkey. These are the principles upon which This Dog's Life was founded. If you don't like them, we have more.

Later he said,
"Anthropomorphism and irony run rampant here, so please be careful. The Art link (see bone arrow to the left [Ha, ha! Get it? Bone Arrow? Ah! You don't know from funny!]) will redirect you to a page of other graphical stuff I've been working on.

My software tools include  Xara Xtreme, Corel Photopaint, and Corel Painter. I also use pencil, acrylic, and water-based oil natural media. Neither binary digits nor canines have been harmed in the process, although it appears that even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress these days.
 I have split my political cartoons into a new comic stream called Cheep Shots. Click on the logo at the left to navigate to these toons. I'm sure there's something here to offend everybody. Thank you for your support.

-- Phranque


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